Activate daily e-mail notifications about the progress of campaigns

All ADFOX clients can activate option "Notifications" and receive daily e-mail summary information on the progress of their advertising campaigns and traffic of sites. Account information is formed in a practical table and sent to the address registered to the administrators account in the ADFOX system .

To configure alerts can only ADFOX clients with "admin" type  in the tab "Settings" - "Notifications". By default, alerts are turned off for your account.

Notifications can contain two types of information:

  1. "Summary for the previous day campaign" - information on adding and completion of advertising campaigns in your account.
  2. "Summary on traffic of sitesfor the previous day" - traffic for all sites opened in the framework of the account.

Choose those checkboxes that you need in the settings. If you want other employees to receive notifications, enter additional e-mails in alert settings. Learn more about daily notifications here.

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