New service: Uploading of logs from the ADFOX system

Although ADFOX provides customers a wide variety of reports on the progress of the advertising campaigns, sometimes publishers may be required for more detailed analysis or individual report types based on the source data. Now ADFOX ready to offer a new service: unloading of logs from the system.

EventLog is a report in XML format, which contains information about all of the past events of banner: display, click to call event. EventLog uploaded to the ADFOX FTP server in compressed form with a frequency of one time per hour (on the hour following the reporting hour).

The client activating the unloading of logs service gets access to the FTP server to get reports. ADFOX stores reports 62 days. To use the received data the client may at its own way: to analyze the last advertising campaign, to create individual reports on campaigns, to forecast traffic, for targeting or other tasks. Unloading of logs service is available to users of ADFOX Sites and ADFOX Nets.

Read more about the service here

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