Functions and features ADFOX Adv

Post-view analysis

Post-view analysis is used for evaluation of the level of image effect of an advertising campaign and a fuller evaluation of advertising spaces and creative, and also for evaluation of pr-placements.

Independent media audit

ADFOX provides technologies for independent measurement of online ad and follows the international standards in statistics.

Unified index

United index of evaluating the quality of a drawn audience on the base of complex post-click and post-view analysis of users' behavior, who were drawn to the advertiser's site within the campaign.

Post-click analysis

Post-click analysis lets evaluate activity of the audience, which has come to the site straightforwardly due to the ads, and compare by this figure spaces, banners, channels of communications.


ADFOX Adv is fully compatible with other advertisement technologies: you will not have problems with placing codes or surveying pixels for independent analysis of statistics.

Crossing of the audience

Evaluation of the level of crossing of the audience among various spaces: as the audience in general, as separately by showings and clicks.

Fast start

ADFOX Adv already contains data on the structure of the largest online-publishers, which considerably simplifies start-up of campaigns.

Convenient control over campaigns

ADFOX Adv monitors cases, when in spite of the plans advertisement placement has not started, and informs your staff of it (in the interface and by e-mail).

Client service

We are ready to take upon ourselves all the routine tasks on managing the campaign and coordinating technical details with the spaces.

A full-featured API

API for integration with other systems: CRM, workflow. Any task of integration and automation can be solved quickly.

Analysis of the interaction with banners

We can measure up to 20 performances with the interactive banners (moving the cursor, launch video, full of views etc.), assessing the level of user involvement.

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