Functions and features ADFOX Mobile

Ad scaling

For advertisement at mobile sites the resolution of device screen is defined automatically, and the advertisement is scaled to fit the screen. Due to this the preparation of banners and their placement are simplified.

Targeting by manufacturers

ADFOX Mobile helps to target ads on manufacturers of mobile devices. For example, you can highlight only visitors of the site, who come to it from Nokia phones.

Settings of interaction with ads

You can choose, how user will interact with the ads: for example, if the switch is carried out at click at once or there will appear a menu with warning about the switch to advertised site in the browser.

Click-to-call and other click-to

Besides a simple click you can realize such variants of placing ads as click-to-call, calling sms, switch to App Store (for iOS), start of a certain program.

Ad formats

Together with development of mobile platforms AdFox.Mobile develops opportunities of using advertising formats and calculating statistics on them.

Full statistics

On mobile ads you receive the same volume of data as on Internet-advertisement.

Targeting of campaigns

Large opportunities of targeting ads, taking into consideration specificity of mobile devices.

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