Functions and features ADFOX Sites

Any advertising formats

ADFOX Sites lets use any formats of ads, even the most difficult formats will not require any technical knowledge from you, it is possible to add a new format right in the interface

Flexible targeting of ads

Flexible settings of targeting ads, which let distinguish the necessary audience and optimize use of advertising resources of the site


ADFOX SSP automates sales traffic and make more money on those sales. The product is integrated with ADFOX Sites, you have complete control over the scope and priorities of the traffic offered for sale RTB-buyers

Dynamic monetization

Dynamic monetization is an alternate way to prioritize campaigns. It's based on CPM, allowing to select the campaign with the highest CPM rate to fill the impression. To further maximize the payout, the impression can be sold in Yandex RTB open auction, if there's a higher bid offer. Available for both guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals.

Mobile ads

Advertising solutuons for mobile platforms. For work with applications of iPhone, iPad, Android you will be provided with libraries, which ensure integrating ads into applications.

Convenient online interface

ADFOX Sites is an online service, you do not have to install or tune anything at you servers, you just receive your login, password, and start work, using a convenient and clear interface

Fast start

It is easy to start working with AdFox: we register account for you in the system and help to tune it according to your tasks, you get codes for setting at the site, upload banners, and they start to be shown, and you see the statistics of them.

Analysis of campaigns

Statistics of campaigns and banners lets in any time evaluate the course of the campaign in real-time format and make necessary adjustments. The reports are available in the interfaces and for downloading in Excel


ADFOX is fully compatible with other technologies of ads: you will not have problems with placing ads with external code or surveying pixel, and you can pass the residual traffic to any advertising network

Easy transfer

We have a large experience of help in transition to AADFOX from other technologies: we will offer you the optimal order of transition, help to reproduce the structure of the site, to add necessary formats and to perform smooth transition of campaigns and banners

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