Functions and features ADFOX WOW

Video ad in banners

You can use ready-made solutions for work with video - the video-clip is needed only. Or you can create a unique design of video player in the banner. The video can be placed on a standard banner position, including its playback in full-screen regime.

Synchronized banners

Among synchronously shown banners there also can be set interaction: for example, a plane will fly from one banner to another, flying over the content of the site.

Interactive banners

You can use any interactive formats of ads: it can be a banner with a game, a form for application for obtaining credit, a survey, a calculator of insurance. The level of interaction of users with the banner will be fully calculated.

Media context and word branding

A word on the page is highlighted, and when targeting it with a computer mouse the advertising block appears over the content, which can contain some text, image or video.

Video on the site's background

The video is played on the borders of the site, and when targeting it with a computer mouse the video starts with sound, completely covering the content. It is easy to be placed - only a file with video is needed. It does not irritate users: to start video it is necessary to keep cursor over the banner.

Creating new formats

ADFOX opportunities help to integrate contents of the site with each concrete banner. Each banner can consist of any number of small fragments, which are uploaded when necessary.

Full-screen ads

Opportunity to show a full-screen ads with any content: flash, image, video. To lessen a negative effect there are additional limitations of showing this type of ads for users.

Ads in video-content

Any formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, bumper ads. ADFOX supports the standard IAB VAST for realization of ads in video-content, which lets easily introduce our technologies to video players, which support this standard.

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