Work with advertisers, agencies and networks

ADFOX Sites has a very convenient system of distributing access rights, which will let you easily build your work as with direct advertisers, as with agencies and advertising networks.

You create an account for the advertiser, he/she will automatically receive an e-mail with his/her registry information. Using this access, the advertiser will be able to see statistics on all his/her advertising campaigns and to monitor in real-time, how his/her campaigns are working.

At this you can set, which exactly reports will be accessible for the advertiser, and which will be hidden. These settings can be changed at any time.

If your advertiser often changes advertising materials, which he/she needs regularly edit himself/herself (for example, constantly changing special offers for some products), you can give him/her the right to independently add and edit banners for such campaigns. At this all his/her actions are logged with listing time and IP-address, which will let you recover (if needed) the information, at what moment the changes in the campaign have been made.

For advertising agencies you can delegate the rights even more flexibly, depending on agreements, according to which you work.

For example, you can provide a selling agency with an opportunity to independently manage ads on your site, up to creating accounts for advertisers, but at this limiting opportunities of placing ads with certain formats only or sections of site.

Or you can give only the access to viewing statistics on advertising campaigns, which the agency carries out on your site for all its clients. At this the advertisers will keep their own access to statistics, of course.

If the agency sends you for placement of a code of external system - be sure that everything will work as necessary. Our technologies are ideally combined with all technologies of managing ads, which are widespread on the market.

If you work with advertising networks (it is not important which technology they use), you will set work with them easily, too.

For example, you decide to transfer traffic on the place 240x400, which has nor been sold to direct advertisers or agencies, for placement of context ads. Just place the code of network Yandex, Google, Begun or any other network as a code by default. If you want to transfer residual traffic only in certain columns of the site - it is not a problem, just copy this code for concrete sections.

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