Complex analysis of advertising campaign: media channels, spaces, creatives

By using ADFOX Adv you can evaluate results of the advertising campaign in complex, with determining effectiveness of various channels of communication, advertising spaces, creative. 

When evaluating campaigns you can analysis as audit figures before a user has come to the site, as this user's behavior at the site of the advertiser. It is possible to highlight main characteristics for each of these two methods of measurements.

Main parameters, which are measured before the user has come to the site:
- Accumulative coverage on the campaign 
- Coverage on each site
- Frequency of contact
- Crossing of the audience at the sites, where the placement was carried out
- Geography of users who have seen the advertisement
- Level of cooperation with interactive ads
After the user has come to the site:
- Index of quality of the drawn audience
- Conversions in general
- Cost of a drawn user
- Cost of a user who has seen the key page (including, for example, the one who has made a purchase)
- Cost of a user, who has looked through 2 and more of any pages

Measurements of figures before a user has come to the site are realized by measuring all placements of ads with the help of  ADFOX Adv. It lets, on one side, automate collection of statistics, on the other - collect statistics, which in not available by other ways.

For example
Accumulative coverage on the campaign, taking into consideration the audience crossing among sites, the volume of this crossing. At this ADFOX Adv technologies let evaluate not only general crossing of the audience, but separately mark the crossing only by clicks or only by showings.

These reports let, among other things, evaluate mutual influence of simultaneous carrying out of media and context advertising campaigns.

Post-click and post-view analysis

A user's behavior at the site is evaluated, first of all, for comparing various channels of communication, spaces, creative. In each case two different ways of evaluation of the source, due to which a person has come to the site, are distinguished: post-view and post-click analysis. 

Post-click analysis is more widespread. It evaluates user's actions at the site after clicking the advertisement, for example, if a purchase was made, an application was left, a "contacts" page was looked through and so on. It is a main evaluation method with the help of instruments of web-analytics

But when evaluating a user's behavior at the site of the advertiser it is important to consider that people come to the site not after a click only, but also after seeing an advertisement, without clicking

For example
A person has seen an ad of a bank with a good offer of issuing a credit card. At that moment he/she was busy and did not click the banner, but remembered the name of the bank. In the evening or even in a day he/she remembers about this offer, finds the site of the bank, and fills the application form for getting a credit card.

Standard methods of web-analytics will consider that the source of this conversion was search, and, correspondingly, the search optimization was successfully worked off. Post-view analysis of ADFOX Adv lets understand that the advertising campaign served its purpose in such a conversion. 

It is also necessary to take into account that at the first visit after the click a user might not make a purchase, but he/she could get back to the site in a day by the bookmark or to find it through the search system and order the merchandise. Post-view analysis is also used for evaluation of such returns.

Learn more, how ADFOX Adv lets analyze effectiveness of the ads. Describe shortly your tasks in the application form, and we will help you to solve them.

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