Financial results and visitor quality reports

The financial performance calculator speeds up the preparation of mid-campaign and post-campaign reports.  You can obtain additional data and create new types of reports, such as "visitor quality".

1. When configuring the cost of advertising space in the interfaces, the financial performance of the sites are displayed.

In the Finance section of the advertising campaign results are displayed in real time for the CPM, CPC and CPA for each site. The CPA is calculated based on the configuration of the action point. Do not forget to set the advertising weight and identify key actions.

2. You get two new campaign reports: financial results for the sites and visitor quality.

The website financial results report allows advertising space to be compared according to any these financial indices:

- CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)

- UCPM (cost per 1000 unique impressions)

- CPC (cost per click)

- UCPC (cost per unique click)

- The cost per visitor who has completed 1 action

- The cost per visitor who has completed 2+ actions

- The average cost of a website visitor sent to the site by an advert

3. The visitor quality report allows the quality of the visitors sent from each site and the average cost per visitor to be comprehensively assessed.

The quality of the visitors is estimated on the basis of completed actions on the advertiser's website: not only the number of actions are evaluated, but also their value, based on the advertising weight of each action point, so do not forget to fill them in.

The diagram clearly shows the sites and visitors from this campaign:

- High quality but expensive (closer to the upper right corner)

- High quality and cheap (lower right corner)

- Poor quality but expensive (upper left corner)

- Poor quality and cheap (lower left corner)

The larger the diameter of the circle that signifies the site, the more visitors were sent to the site.

This diagram shows that most of the sites have average results, but there are several projects that stand out because the cost per visitor is very high or the visitor quality is very low.  It is not worth continuing to advertise on those sites, and is better to reallocate funds in favor of sites that are giving the best results.

If you have any questions about these reports, or about the ADFOX Adv service as a whole, please contact the technical support team or your account manager, and we will help resolve any issues you have!

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