Automate the sale of your traffic with RTB-technology

ADFOX SSP (Sell-Side Platform) is a product that allows site owners to automate the job of selling traffic on their sites, using Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology.

By connecting to the ADFOX SSP service, sites can sell traffic through RTB-auctions. The system is fully integrated with ADFOX Sites, which allows site owners to simultaneously manage premium advertising space, put up some of the traffic for auction, and use advertising space unsold at the auction, for example, for internal promotions. Thus, you increase your revenue from advertising and make full use of the available media inventory.

For example, you are already using the ADFOX Sites product and sell advertising directly to customers through the sales department. But you are left with some unsold traffic.  Now you can connect to ADFOX SSP and make money on these unguaranteed impressions. 

In your interfaces a SSP tab will appear, where you will be able to set a minimum price per impression, select potential buyers and start the bidding. Only the traffic that was not sold through the main channels will be sold at the auction.

Ad networks and DSP-systems that are connected to the ADFOX SSP service participate in the auction.  The site owner can set a minimum price and limit the range of advertising networks that will take part in the bidding.

ADFOX SSP has already completed its technical integration with the leading Russian DSP-systems.  If you have advertising space ADFOX SSP sends requests simultaneously to a number of potential buyers, who choose ads that are appropriate for the given request and return a response containing the bid and a link to display the advert, which must be requested if the buyer wins the auction.  The winner in the auction is the DSP that offers the highest bid per banner impression.

Learn more about how the RTB-auction works, as well as the Russian players in the RTB market in our RTB Market Overview.

If you would like to sell traffic through the ADFOX SSP service, please contact us at

Ad networks and DSP systems are connected through the protocol IAB Open RTB API Specification V2.0. If you support this protocol and are interested in traffic bidding, contact the ADFOX team at

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